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2013. július 22., hétfő, 14:38

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Payment of Dividend/Payment of Dividend

22 Jul 2013

Release of a Corporate News announcement of the Hungarian Capital market Act., transmitted by DGAP-Geoinfo.
The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.

Zwack Unicum Nyrt. dividend payment

Zwack Unicum Nyrt. hereby notifies Shareholders that according to General
Meeting Resolution 6/2013.06.27. of the General Meeting held on 27 June
2013, "The AGM approved the proposal of the Board of Directors on the
allocation of profits, on the basis of which the Company has declared the
payment of dividend in the amount of HUF 1 198 464 (one billion one hundred
and ninety-eight million four hundred and sixty-four thousand Hungarian
Forints) from the after-tax profit, and thousand HUF 378 661 (three hundred
and seventy-eight million six hundred and sixty-one thousand) from the
profit reserves amounting altogether to thousand HUF 1 577 125 (one billion
five hundred and seventy-seven million one hundred and twenty-five thousand
Hungarian Forints). The AGM has ordered the Board of Directors to take the
necessary steps for the payment of the dividends on a pro rata basis in
accordance with the shareholding set forth in the Company"s Share Register
on August 26, 2013. The distribution of the dividends shall commence on
September 2, 2013."

In accordance with the above, the Company shall pay a 77.5% dividend
against the nominal value of its common and redeemable liquidation
preference shares, i.e. the gross amount of the dividend for a share of
with nominal value of HUF 1,000 is HUF 775 for the 2012/2013 financial year
(the "Dividend").

Important dates:

21 August 2013 (E-8th day): The last day on which contracts have to be
concluded in order to obtain shares with entitlement to Dividends at the
Budapest Stock Exchange.
26 August 2013 (E-5th day): Record date for the identification of ownership
related to Dividend payment. Persons holding shares at the end of this day
are entitled to receive the Dividend.
2 September 2013 (E day): The starting date for Dividend payments.

Pre-conditions for paying the Dividend

Those shareholders are entitled to receive the Dividend who comply with the
following criteria:
1. Either the shareholder or the nominee as defined in Art. 151 of Act CXX
of 2001 on the capital market has been registered in the stock register of
Zwack Unicum Nyrt.
2. The accounting data necessary for the Dividend have been made available
to Zwack Unicum Nyrt. This data shall be provided to Keler Zrt. by the
banks holding the shareholders" accounts on the date on which records are
compared, i.e. 26 August 2013 as the record date.

We draw our shareholders" attention to the fact that they should check the
data necessary for calculating tax with their bank by 16 August 2013 at the
latest, since the Dividend cannot be paid if these are missing.

Data necessary for the payment of the Dividend

* Natural persons: name, address, tax identification number, gender, name
at birth, place and date of birth, nationality, mother"s name at birth. For
foreign natural persons, the passport number is also to be provided as they
have no Hungarian tax identification number.
* For legal persons: company name, registered office domiciliation, tax
identification or registration of the shareholder (for domestic persons).
* Dividend payment via nominee : the name in respect of the nominee,
registered office and domiciliation, tax identification or registration
(for domestic). The nominee makes a declaration before payment regarding
the quantity of shares they manage and the shareholder structure of those
shares (legal and natural persons). The Company would like to draw
nominees" attention to the fact, that will not be able to accept changes to
the given rates following the payment, because the rate and assessment of
taxation of natural and legal persons differ. In lack of declaration, the
Company cannot pay Dividend.

Payment of the Dividend

According to the Articles of Association and the rules of Keler Zrt., the
Company requests Keler Zrt. to provide a comparison of records on ordinary
and liquidation preference shares, as of the starting date of the payment
of the Dividend as a Company event.
Dividends are transferred to the cash accounts for securities accounts
reported by the banks, to the shareholder"s own bank account; transfers
begin from 2 September2013.
Zwack Unicum Nyrt. is not liable for any delay resulting due to inaccurate
or missing data provided by the banks or due to the time taken to process
the data. Should the bank send missing or corrected data to Zwack Unicum
Nyrt. at a later stage (after 26 August 2013), the Company shall transfer
the Dividend by the 5th working day of the month following receipt of the
data. Zwack Unicum Nyrt. is not liable to pay interest where transfer of
the Dividend takes place after 2 September 2013 for the reasons detailed

Taxation rules

Domestic and foreign natural persons
According to the provisions of Act CXVII of 1995 on personal income tax as
amended, the company shall deduct 16% with respect to registered common
shares and to redeemable liquidation preference shares as personal income
tax from natural persons covered by the Act.

In case of foreign natural persons, if the shareholder wishes to receive
Dividend with a preferential tax rate pursuant to a treaty on the
prevention of double taxation, the shareholder shall file the documents
listed in Annex 4 of Act XCII of 2003 on the rules of taxation as amended
(the "Taxation Act") the attest by August 29, 2013 with the Investor
Relations Department of Zwack Unicum Nyrt. (H-1095 Budapest, Soroksári út 2
6.). We hereby warn the banks that foreign domicile shall be verified by a
copy of the Hungarian translation of the document issued by the relevant
foreign tax authority. Thus, starting from the 2013 fiscal year we can only
accept such proof of domicile. In case under the double taxation prevention
treaty a statement concerning beneficial ownership is also required, this
shall also be shall be verified by a copy of the Hungarian translation of
the document issued by the relevant foreign tax authority. Such statement
of course can be made in Hungarian. In case the proof of domicile, or a
notification about the later filing of same is not received by Zwack Unicum
Nyrt. the latest by August 29, 2013, the Company will pay the Dividend with
a 16% deduction as personal income tax. In case the foreign natural person
shareholder has the documents set forth in Annex 4 of the Taxation Act and
the treaty on the prevention of double taxation existing between the two
countries define a preferential tax rate, but the shareholder does not file
the necessary documents with Zwack Unicum Nyrt. by August 29, 2013 and as a
consequence Dividend is paid with a 16% personal income tax deduction, the
shareholder can file a request to claim back the difference between the 16%
and the preferential tax rate at the Tax Directorate of Priority Affairs of
the Hungarian Tax and Customs Office (in Hungarian: NAV Kiemelt Ügyek
Adóigazgatósága). The tax authority retransfers the tax difference to the a
ccount indicated (Article 5 of Annex 4 of the Taxation Act).

Shares held on long term investment accounts

In case of domestic and foreign natural persons of which the shares are
blocked under a long term investment agreement (in Hungarian: tartós
befektetési szerződés) pursuant to Section 67/B of the Personal Income Tax
Law, the payment of dividend is made without deduction (Section 67/B (6) c)
of the Personal Income Tax Law). The investment service provider shall,
together with the request for dividend, provide to Keler Zrt. the
information that the shares are blocked pursuant to a long term investment
agreement. In case the investment service provider fails to provide such
information, 16% of personal income tax shall be deducted from the dividend

Domestic and foreign legal persons

The Company will make payments to legal person shareholders without common
charge deductions.

Zwack Unicum Nyrt. shall issue a tax certificate on the dividend paid with
respect to the financial year 2012/2013 and the amount of the tax deducted,
and send by post by 31 January 2014 at the latest.

Dividends for the 2012/2013 financial year may be claimed for up to 5 years
from the starting date of dividend payments, following which the dividend
claim shall lapse.

Budapest, 22 July 2013
Zwack Unicum Nyrt.

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